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The single biggest challenge most marketers face is staying up-to-date with the ever-changing marketing landscape. If you’re not keeping track of aesthetic trends, technology platforms, and cultural memes, you’re likely falling behind your peers. An easy way to stay on top of your game is by subscribing to marketing podcasts. Simply pop in your headphones during your commute or workout and let industry experts teach you everything they know.

The problem? For every one great podcast you subscribe to, you will probably listen to three terrible podcasts. Finding the best marketing podcasts can be tough, but I’ve compiled a list of the six best new podcasts in 2016 for marketers. The following podcasts all launched in 2016 and are great listens for anyone in a marketing role.

Obsessed With Design with Josh Miles

This is a show about what makes designers tick, and it’s become extremely popular in the design community. In this show, Josh Miles interviews some of the world’s best designers to learn more about how they do their best work. Thus far, his show has seen everything from productivity tips from Debbie Millman to the design process of Von Glitschka. Josh is a great host and his guests thus far have been phenomenal. You can subscribe to his cast here.

Creative South Podcast

The Creative South Podcast is a newly-launched cast from the Creative South Conference that is held annually in Columbus, GA. This cast explores more in-depth conversations with their keynote and workshop speakers, giving you a sneak peek into one of the best creative conferences in the US. If you haven’t been to the conference before, you should subscribe to their podcast to see if it’s right for you!

Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller

Donald Miller is a New York Times Best Selling Author who knows quite a lot about great storytelling. In his podcast, he explores brand voice and messaging in order to help businesses improve their branded communications. If you do any external messaging in your role, this podcast is a must-listen. You can subscribe here.

OPT-IN! - A Marketing and Sales Podcast

OPT-IN! is a new podcast from the guys over at AdHawk, a digital advertising firm known for increasing sales on PPC ads. Their new podcast walks you through their best practices that they use with their clients to help you improve the ROI on your digital marketing. Click here to subscribe!

The Marketer’s Mind with Todd Brown & Deborah Owen

You can expect a a new episode of this podcast every Monday. It does a great job talking about issues that are near and dear to marketers of all stripes. Each episode is laser-focused on a particular issue, and you’re bound to learn something with every cast. Click here to listen for yourself.

University Social Pro: Social Media and Digital Marketing for Higher Education

This new podcast is targeted towards the higher education niche, and while it’s definitely built for those in higher education, the principles that they discuss transcend industry. What makes this cast unique is its focus on both internal and external communications. While the show looks at these issues with a higher-ed slant, those same principles can be applied in any organization that has to separate their internal from external messaging. You can subscribe here.