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Listen, we love podcasts. In fact, you might even say that we're obsessed with them. Not only have we launched our own podcast, but we all love to listen to new and interesting podcasts in our free time. As the Indianapolis Business Journal recently pointed out, there have been several podcasts started in Indianapolis recently. As proud Indy residents, we wanted to share our favorite Indy-based podcasts and (hopefully) help you find something to listen to on your next commute or plane ride.

Here is a listing of our six favorite Indianapolis podcasts.

1. Million Dollar Plan - by Pete The Planner

We all want to be millionaires, right? Well Indy-based financial planner, Peter Dunn, has built a business on helping people achieve that dream. Between his books, news segments, and USA Today column, Pete the Planner has become synonymous with finance in Indiana.

His podcast helps call-in guests organize their finances. From budgeting to retirement savings, Pete knows it all. You can subscribe to his podcast here.

2. SpinRadio - by SpinWeb

SpinWeb, an Indy-based marketing agency, was one of the first organizations in town to jump on the podcast train. Today, their show has evolved to include a marketing conference and blog. We recommend this show for any digital marketers out there.

You can subscribe to their podcast here.

3. Marketing Technology with Doug Karr

Speaking of digital marketers, there's no one in Indianapolis who has the breadth of digital marketing experience as Doug Karr. Doug Karr runs the Marketing Tech Blog and DK New Media. His recent venture into podcasting is just another medium for him to share his incredible digital insights.

You can subscribe to his podcast here.

4. The Miller Time Podcast

If you're from Indiana, you can probably guess what this podcast is all about. This cast covers the Indiana Pacers and is a must-listen for die hard fans of the Blue and Gold.

You can subscribe to this Indianapolis podcast here.

5. The Creative Brunch Podcast

From the folks who brought you Creative Mornings, this podcast dives into conversations with Creative Morning's finest. Definitely worth a listen if you consider yourself a creative worker.

You can subscribe here.

6. Obsessed With Design with Josh Miles

You didn't think we'd make it through this list without plugging ourselves, right?

In March of 2016, Josh Miles launched his first podcast called Obsessed With Design. Thus far, the show has been a fantastic success. Not only have we seen continual subscriber growth every week, but we've seen some incredible reviews on iTunes. Thus far, we have interviewed design legends like Paula Scher, Debbie Millman, and Von Glitschka, with more design greats on the way!

You can subscribe to the Obsessed With Design podcast here.

What Indianapolis-based podcasts do you listen to? Tweet at us @ObsessedShow to let us know who else we should plug!