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What a summer. It always feels like it goes by too fast.

As the 2015 AIGA Agency Kickball season came to a close last week, I couldn’t help but think about all the fun we had. It was certainly an interesting season for our team. We were fresh off of doubling in size, rebranding our company, and were seeking vengeance after Element Three beat us in last year’s championship. We ended up solidly in the middle of the pack, winning our final game to reach number five in the rankings. After playing against so many great teams this year, I think that there’s a case to be made that everyone is number one in their own, unique way.

That’s why we’ve decided to release our end-of-season superlatives, giving out awards for our favorite moments of the season. And the winners are…

Best Female Athlete – Erin Walgamuth (Pivot Marketing)

Erin was an absolute terror for us in the outfield. Her catching ability eliminated any chance we had of knocking in a home run. Combine that with her incredible throwing arm, and there was really no beating her. By forming a steel curtain in the outfield, she easily earned the title of Best Female Athlete.

Best Male Athlete – Ben Wachtel (Element Three)

Ben was a nightmare for anyone he played last year. His fielding ability is top-notch, his kicking ability is great. He’s the kind of dual threat that helps you win back-to-back championships. If we want to beat Ben next season, we need to start scouting some professional athletes.

Best Home Run – Kim Spoonmore (Willow Marketing)

Too many outfielders make the mistake of scooting in when Kim steps up to kick. Here’s a scouting report for next year: Don’t do that. Kim kicked an absolute rocket to center field, kicking everyone on base home. Her kick earned her MVP of that game and a full pitcher of beer at OPT’s.

Class Clown – Jason Cordial (Xiik)

Something I didn’t realize before we played Xiik – It’s extremely hard to kick when someone is quoting Wikipedia in your ear. Xiik’s catcher, Jason, was an absolute riot behind the plate. Quoting fun facts made Jason a big distraction for our kickers. It could be the most effective form of defense we saw all year.

Best Mascot – Nimblejack

Fear the kangaroo. While Nimblejack’s play and uniforms were great, they also had an awesome kangaroo mascot. Next year, I expect an intern in a full kangaroo suit to be shooting t-shirts out of a cannon.

School Spirit – CVR

CVR was, without a doubt, the most fun team to play against this year. From their lighthearted attitude to their interesting apparel – I’m looking at you, Superman socks – they made every game more entertaining. We can’t wait to play them again next year.

Most Likely to Go Pro – Element Three

Winning their second championship in a row may be a sign that Element Three belongs in a class above. After going undefeated and routing more than a few of us, Element Three is our best candidate to join a professional league.

Most Improved – Pivot Marketing

Last year, Pivot struggled, but that didn’t deter them coming into this season. In fact, this year, they earned the right to compete with Element Three in the championship game and finished second. That’s a comeback story for the record books.

Rookie Team of the Year – Studio Science

As a new addition to the rotation, Studio Science fit right in. With tons of talent and energy, the Studio Science team came out of the gate strong and continued to compete to the very end. With a full season under their belt, they could be scary next year.


Overall, we had a great season. I’m really proud of our team and we had tons of fun. While it would have been nice to raise the trophy at OPT’s last week, I’ll settle for fifth place with my team at MilesHerndon any day.

That’s a lie. We’re starting two-a-day practices today. We’re coming for you, Element Three.