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When you first set out to develop a brand identity, there are a lot more questions than answers. The problem isn’t finding questions to ask, it’s asking the right questions of your team to arrive at a brand identity that is truly representative of your company and relevant to your marketplace.

There are three major areas that you need to focus your inquiries early in the branding process. In order to build a solid foundation for your brand identity, you need to focus on your visual identity, your brand’s voice, and your positioning in the marketplace.

Questions About Your Visual Identity

Developing a strong visual identity is all about consistency, but visual consistency is much harder than it looks. Developing a look and feel that you can consistently replicate across several mediums is difficult, even for the best marketers, but it is possible with a lot of deliberate thought and foresight. Here are some questions you should ask before developing your brand’s visual identity:

These questions should be informative in helping you develop great brand design that can scale consistently.

Questions About Your Brand’s Voice

Your brand doesn’t stop with your visual identity, however. You also need to have a solid understanding of how your brand talks if you want to build an effective brand presence. Here are some questions to help you find your brand’s unique voice:

Once you’ve asked these questions, your brand’s voice should begin taking shape, but there is one final aspect you need to consider before rounding out your brand book.

Questions About Your Brand’s Positioning

Look at the competitive marketplace. Too many businesses simply settle for anyone who will cut them a check. Others develop a strong brand based in something fleeting like the latest technology or a pop-culture trend. The best companies, however, position them for success in the short run and the long run by asking these tough questions:

After you’ve understood your place in the marketplace, developed a voice for your brand, and generated a consistent visual identity, your brand will be ready for the world to see.

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