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Like it or not, branding isn’t a short process and it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your brand is comprised of every single customer touch point that your customer has, meaning your entire team needs to be bought into the same brand vision if you want to have any consistency in your brand experience.

Getting everyone on the same page is a lot easier said than done. Your marketing director probably wants everyone to treat the brand guidelines as law, but that’s not realistic for any organization, let alone an organization with a large number of employees, high turnover, or a loose onboarding structure.

So how can you get everyone on your team to buy into the brand and provide the right experience to their co-workers, clients, and vendors alike? Branding exercises can be extremely helpful at getting new employees to understand the brand, refreshing old employees’ memories, and helping your team pivot with the company.

What Are Branding Exercises?

Branding exercises are games or activities designed to teach and reinforce your brand with your employees. Some are fun while others are more serious. Some involve very strenuous thought experiments while others are designed to be light and easy.

The main purpose of a branding exercise depends a lot on the role of the team that is participating. Here are some examples of common objectives for branding exercises by team:

Make sure your team is doing a branding exercise that is relevant to their day-to-day tasks. If the exercise isn’t relevant and relatable, your team will shut out the activity and, in the process, shut out the brand.

How Can You Incorporate Branding Exercises Into Your Department?

The first thing you need to do is establish the need for branding exercises with the team. Communicate with them in your preferred channel (meeting, email, Slack, etc.) that you want to do some exercises to get everyone on the same page and find a time that works for everyone. Make sure that the tone of this meeting matches what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re looking to do fun, light activities, have snacks or beer available. If your exercises will be buttoned down and formal, make sure to take the meeting seriously.

Next, choose your branding exercise. Here are some suggestions based on objective:

If you want to work on brand voice...

If you want to work on visual identity...

If you want to work on culture...

If you’re working on brand positioning...

If you’re onboarding a new employee...

If you’re training a new hire, you may want to mix and match all of the above. Start by sharing your brand guidelines and take it from there.

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