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Recently, Jude Stewart and the AIGA released an article offering advice on how to launch and manage a successful design podcast. For this article, she interviewed the hosts of seven of 2016’s top design podcasts. After reading the article and interviewing Jude on the Obsessed With Design podcast, we thought it would be a great idea to share the podcasts that she mentioned in her article. Here are seven design podcasts that can help you improve your skills in 2016. 

The Busy Creator

As we’ve mentioned before, podcast host Prescott Perez-Fox is a friend of MilesHerndon and has been a guest on our show, Obsessed With Design. His podcast, The Busy Creator, focuses on helping creative professionals get more done, be less stressed, and do their best work. We’d definitely recommend this for any creative worker looking to get better at their craft.

You can subscribe to his podcast here.

The Observatory

Design Observer is one of the most popular blogs in the design industry, and their podcast, The Observatory has been a stronghold of incredible content. Since 2014, they have been releasing episodes on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, and they cover both timeless and contemporary design issues in extreme depth. This is a great podcast to subscribe to if you’re an advanced designer looking for people who talk theory, history, and process.

You can subscribe to their podcast here.

The Poster Boys

This is one of the most fun podcasts in the entire design landscape. This monthly cast is hosted by Brandon Shaefer and Sam Smith. They talk about all things graphic design, but their two biggest focuses are design history and poster design. Their in-depth coverage of movie poster design is not only insightful, but entertaining for audiences with any interest in design.

You can subscribe to their podcast here.

Let’s Make Mistakes

Let’s Make Mistakes from Mule Design is a free-form podcast with a design focus. While their objective is to cover current trends in design and technology, the conversation often takes on a mind of its own, making the cast a really insightful and enjoyable listen. 

You can subscribe to their podcast here.

Say Something Worth Stealing

This monthly podcast hosted by Dave Curry is highly conversational and features all kinds of creatives, from designers to engineers. Dave’s focus is figuring out how creative professionals got to where they are now. His guests talk careers, lives, and craft.

You can subscribe to his podcast here.

CreativeMornings Podcast

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the global creative community, and its podcast takes the very best content from their 140 monthly meetups and brings it to your phone weekly. If you’ve ever been to a CreativeMornings meetup, or if you’d like to, you should subscribe to their podcast for a taste of the best content they have to offer.

You can subscribe here.

Obsessed With Design

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t plug our own podcast. One of our Principals, Josh Miles, has been hosting his own podcast since March 2016 and has received tons of praise for his interviews with experts in design. His interviewees range from Principals of world-class design firms to architects and city planners. It’s a great chance to get in the head of the world’s best designers and see what makes them tick.

You can subscribe to Obsessed With Design here.