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It was a match made in networking.

Six years ago, I met Daniel Herndon at a local networking event. Little did I know how much that one introduction would change the face of both of our companies’ futures.

I had just joined Rainmakers in hopes of creating some new relationships and Daniel’s company, Redwall, was literally just getting started.

Over the next few years, we ran into each other at various community events and networking functions. It was interesting to hear about all of the things that Daniel had accomplished, and what a success Redwall had become. He’d always ask where I bought my sport coats, but we each had our sights set on something more.

At the beginning of this year, I was half joking with some of my friends that our next hire should be five or six people.

It wasn’t until February at the ADDY Awards, however, that something clicked. I spent some time talking with Daniel and a few other members of the Redwall team. Seeing how their team interacted and seemed to actually like one another reminded me of our team.

Then I got this crazy idea… what if?

In the following weeks, we had several conversations, and Daniel saw the opportunity as well. We decided to explore the idea of combining forces to create something bigger than ourselves. It seemed like the perfect fit, but it wasn’t until we brought the teams together for the first time that we realized how great of a fit we truly could be.

Our teams began spending time getting to know each other – Daniel and I even arm wrestled, which isn’t something I normally do – and once we decided the partnership should happen, we went from a two-month to a two-week timeline.

As of today, our combined team of 20 (soon to be 21) has been collaborating from the thirteenth floor of Circle Tower, which has been abuzz with design jokes, friendly chatter, and the occasional developer-generated sound effect.

We’re proud to announce that we’re officially combining forces to create a new branding firm called MilesHerndon. Our focus is holistic, brand-centric engagements where we can help impact each organization in a meaningful way.

We’re going to be assembling the new MilesHerndon presence here over the next few months – keep an eye on what we’re up to.

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