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From consumer-packaged goods to professional services, clients turn to MilesHerndon to help discover, craft, refine and market their brands.

So, what does MilesHerndon, as a brand, represent?

We are curious.

Strategy is born of intrigue.

And we always seek to uncover fresh perspectives. Only the truly curious can offer unconsidered perspectives to solve your biggest marketing and branding problems.

Invariably, our recommendations might make you nervous. But if you don’t ever feel a little uncomfortable, you probably still look and sound like your competition.

We are obsessed.

The big picture is important, but it’s the nuances that can set a brand apart. And we’re consumed by discovering the elegant subtleties that will become your brand’s signature.

We endeavor to create iconic brands that are as unified as they are dynamic, and brand voices that are equally confident improvising or staying true to the brand standards.

We are focused.

Your company’s reputation is the sum of your values. And the art of shaping how others experience that reputation is what we call branding.

One of the most authentic expressions of your brand are your people. But in the absence of reliable cloning or teleportation technology, we rely on other bold strategies to help your story spread.

We are community minded.

We’re intimately involved in our community, and committed to collaborating with team members and clients alike. Whether we’re shoulder to shoulder in the boardroom, coffee shop, or other local drinking establishment, real relationships are what we desire.

We are optimistic.

We believe your brand can go further than you’ve ever thought possible. We may be grounded in reality, but that won’t stop us from reaching beyond.

Miles Design and Redwall joined forces because we aspire to accomplish more, together. Our potent mix of strategy, design, storytelling, and technical talents is like no other. And we strive to wield these powers to help great companies achieve amazing results.

We are MilesHerndon.