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It’s a paradoxical problem that just about every marketing agency in the world faces—how do you market yourself? We spend most of our time working on our clients’ problems. We build them beautiful, bold brands. We build them durable and effective websites. We help them grow their business and look good while doing it.

But when do we ever focus on ourselves?

Recently, we took a look in the mirror and realized that we had some work to do. Miles Design and Redwall joined forces over a year ago, and we still have processes to iron out, collateral to create, and t-shirts to design. We’ve spent so much time designing swag for our clients, we didn’t think to design any swag for ourselves.

So, we decided to take a day off. We closed the office, went to an undisclosed location, and had ourselves a GOST Day.

GOST = Getting Our Stuff Together

So, what’s a GOST day? Well, the concept is simple. For one day, we eschew all other responsibilities and obligations and focus exclusively on ourselves. About a week before our GOST day, we sent a survey out to the entire organization with various projects listed. We asked the team to rate these projects based on the value it could provide us and our clients, and used these ratings to inform the projects we focused on.

We started the day with breakfast and a group meeting to discuss what we wanted to tackle for the day. Next, we broke into small groups. These groups were designed very deliberately, to get people who normally don’t work together on projects to work side-by-side. In our day-to-day work, we usually spend most of our time within our own teams. We wanted this day to serve as an excuse to break out of our silos and collaborate with team members we usually don’t work with.

Once we had our agenda and our teams set, we got to work.


Throughout the day, we worked on a few different projects:

  • We designed new MilesHerndon swag and developed a plan to get it produced.
  • We tweaked and formalized our processed for QAing websites and communicating with clients.
  • We developed ideas and plans for client gifts, and cool things that we could send to prospects.
  • We came up with some ideas for re-designing our office space to greet new clients when they come off the elevators. 

At the end of the day, we came together, cracked open some beers, and shared our results. Each team presented their work and fielded questions from the rest of the company.

All things considered, we really accomplished a lot on our first GOST day. We’re really proud of the progress we made, and we’re planning on doing this again periodically.

How does your company spend time “working on itself?” What have you learned from this process? If you have any ideas as to how we could improve, email us at [email protected]