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There’s no shortage of advice on how to design a marketing strategy that works. One thing that I wish someone had told me before I ever built my first marketing strategy, is the fact that this advice is only worth as much as you can implement, measure and test.

Now, testing your marketing is an interesting challenge because there’s no standard definition as to what constitutes a “test.” What one marketer considers a “test,” another marketer in the same industry may write off. On the other hand, some tests that more advanced marketers run wouldn’t even be recognizable to their less experienced counterparts.

When incorporating testing into your marketing, it’s important to understand your limitations. Plenty of marketers aren’t ready to jump into multivariate testing, and that’s fine! For those marketers, here are a few other options.

Different Ways to Test Your Marketing

If you’re looking for some more basic approaches to test your marketing, try the following:

How to Use Multivariate Testing in Emails

Once you’re ready to start multivariate testing, you’ll never want to stop. Unfortunately, most major marketing automation platforms don’t have multivariate testing built-in. This means that you need to do it yourself. Honestly, it’s not as hard as it sounds, just do the following:

A couple important notes here. Number one, it’s important that you have a “baseline” for your test, so have one email that is your “standard operating email.” This should be testing nothing, it’s just an email like any other you’d send. Once you have this baseline, only change one thing about it per test email.

Once you hit send, you can measure your results by list to understand what variation is most effective. For best results, try 2-3 times per list to ensure one isn’t abnormally responsive.

How to Use Multivariate Testing in Digital Ads

Digital ads can be vexing for a lot of marketers because there’s so little to work with. By limiting headline copy to 25 characters and putting strict requirements on imagery, Facebook and Google seem to get a kick out of eliminating creativity from ads.

That being said, this can make digital ads one of the most effective mediums for multivariate testing. What I do with all of my digital ads is create 5 headlines, 5 bodies and 5 images. Then, I mix and match every permutation of these elements until I have over 100 ads. That allows me to test each variable independently. It’s not glamorous or easy, but the results are phenomenal.

How to Use Multivariate Testing on Your Website

If you’re committing time and money driving people to your website, you might want to start testing the pages people land on to ensure you’re not missing any opportunities once they arrive. Personally, I like to use Optimizely on all of my headlines and calls to action in order to get a better understanding of what language resonates with my target market.

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