Alexis Stewart

Senior Account Executive

Extending an olive branch with every handshake. 

Alexis comes to MilesHerndon by way of Chicago, where she spent the first fifteen years of her career. There, while navigating full-service campaigns for clients large and small, she honed her skills at deftly managing complexity.

Alexis is particularly adept at learning the intricacies of her clients’ worlds—not just their own internal workings, but the ins and outs of their industries. And clients love to have her on their side, as do creatives. Her genuine yay-rah attitude, a carryover from her cheerleading days at Northern Illinois University, keeps everyone aligned to the strategy and creating great work.

When she’s not building client relationships, you can find her satisfying her appetite for new foods. She’s currently on the hunt for a restaurant that can satisfy her Greek heritage (in fact, you’ll find an olive branch tattooed on her right forearm). Otherwise, she’s hanging out with her husband and Ruby, her particularly opinionated English Bulldog.

“My family calls me Lexi. But don’t.”

-Alexis Stewart