Amy Dean

Director of Operations

Amy believes in getting things done. 

Her job at MilesHerndon is to stay on top of everything, and that means being adept at both doing and delegating. From ensuring the highest quality of print production to managing project schedules, she’s always pushing for the best possible creative “product”, while looking for ways to help processes run more smoothly. 

She’s known around the office for her extensive collection of shoes, her powerful laugh, and her ability to firmly enforce goals and deadlines without earning enemies.

When she’s not in the office, you can often find Amy avoiding yard work on her back patio with a cocktail in hand. She also likes to indulge in silly TV and leisurely dinners with friends. She will also tell you she has lots of opinions and she is more than happy to give them out freely.

“Amy’s wardrobe is full of colors from black to black.”

-Brice Holland