Carrie Herndon

Office Administrator

Handy with Excel, but with a soft spot for pencil and paper.

An office never operated without someone to remind them when to pick up paper towels. 

Actually, it did. But when Carrie took over the role of keeping track of everything from receivables to Rolos, things changed for the better. The office never ran so smooth before Carrie arrived.

Carrie loves to entertain, so if you visit MilesHerndon, you probably better make it very clear that you don’t want a cup of coffee, because she’ll surely get you a double shot cappuccino con panna if you even vaguely look like you might want a pick me up in the next hour.

In her downtime, you might find Carrie gardening, cooking, practicing Yoga, or enjoying a Netflix binge.

Carrie and Daniel love to travel and enjoy exploring the menu of the coolest farm to table restaurants they can find. 

“I may be biased, but nobody makes a better ____ than Carrie.”

-Daniel Herndon