Cy Wood


Future writer of the next great American novel, maybe.

Cy’s been telling stories since he was young. At some point, he started writing them down. And after convincing his parents that a degree in Creative Writing was definitely a good idea, he actually found a way to make use of it. 

He’s spent about a decade in marketing and advertising. Cy’s words have shown up in ads, videos, blogs, emails, catalogs, and direct mail for businesses in industries from building materials to brewing, from water delivery to RV sales. Despite popular opinion in the MilesHerndon office, he is a staunch proponent of the Oxford comma. On the other side, he dislikes adverbs and mostly refuses to use exclamation points.  

When Cy isn’t writing he’s still probably writing, because he continually tries (mostly unsuccessfully) to publish fiction. During the nicer months, it’s also likely that he’s out training for any number of half-marathons he stupidly signed up for, or doing other outdoorsy types of activities, including but not limited to hiking, camping, cycling, kayaking, or fishing. Alternatively, he may be cooking something up in the kitchen that involves that holy trinity of shallot, garlic, and ginger.  

“It’s really hard to write your own bio.”

-Cy Wood