Daniel Herndon


Technically, there are no stand up comedians at MilesHerndon. 

Daniel is the CEO and one of the Co-Founders at MilesHerndon. He’s a strategic advisor who serves on the boards of Indy’s Domestic Violence Network and The John Boner Neighborhood Centers. He’s an avid cyclist but to the surprise of many, never played basketball in high school (also never went to high school).

His first tagline was “Give your grass a touch of class!” which was written for his grass cutting business when he was 14 years old. This is not considering the countless news headlines written for his newspaper ‘The Arsenal News’ which had a circulation of 12 people. On a related note, Daniel is the second oldest of 12 siblings, with whom (or on whom) his leadership and entrepreneurial skills were first practiced.

In the early 2000s Daniel made a living playing drums in a touring rock band, after which he started an artist management company. After his five years focusing on a career in the music industry, he started a branding agency, which allowed him to make good on his childhood intention of using creativity and business savvy in the same job.

Since starting his own firm, he was honored as Forty Under 40 by the Indianapolis Business Journal, co-authored Facebook All In One for Dummies on Wiley Publishing in 2012 and consulted on messaging and digital marketing for NO MORE, the national domestic violence and sexual assault campaign, most recognized for their prominent feature in the NFL ‘14-‘15 season. He’s worked with brands in 4 countries and dozens of states from coast to coast in the US for large and small campaigns.

Daniel and his wife, Carrie have two impressively mature daughters, Corinne and Kaija. In his spare time he studies philosophy, charcuterie and other meats and cheeses. He’s a mixologist as a hobby (it’s his fallback if it doesn’t work out in the marketing business). He is a devoted consumer of bourbon and handcrafted cocktails but religiously abstains from soda.

“That’s because your blood is 40% coffee!”

-Mallory Doyel

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