Derek Adams

Senior Art Director

Six-feet-four-inches of pure design prowess.

We didn’t only hire Derek because of his experience leading the AIGA Indy kickball program. We welcomed him due to his extensive and wide-reaching knowledge ranging from digital marketing to traditional marketing in B2B and consumer-facing accounts. The kickball bit—that’s just a bonus.

After spending some time as a semi-pro paintballer, Derek settled into the Indianapolis marketing and advertising world. He spent time as both Social Chair and Vice President of the local AIGA chapter. As a visual guy, his favorite projects are those that start from nothing, just an inkling of an idea, and spring forth into all aspects of a fully-fledged brand. 

Otherwise, Derek enjoys spending time with his family, be it at the pool or beach, or in his probably-haunted house (ask him for stories). He may be seeking the newest, hottest restaurant in town—bonus points if it’s Thai. He might also be globetrotting, being mistaken for a local in Reykjavik. Or, while he’s not one of those “bragging types” of lifters, he hits the weights enough to be able to recommend a protein powder that’s actually palatable.  

“We’ll send Derek in place of Daniel. No one will know.”

-Libby Boulais