Jason Cooper

Senior Account Manager

He’ll keep you informed about projects and pop culture.

Prior to joining MilesHerndon, Jason worked tirelessly, marketing for a local Indiana brewery. Before that you could find Jason’s name in the credits of multiple Hollywood movies including ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ (Sony Pictures, 2009). Among other responsibilities here at MilesHerndon, Jason makes sure we are aware of the latest comedy podcasts, any ironic news updates as well as ensuring we all remember that Zooey Deschanel hugged him when he worked with her on the animated film, ‘Surfs Up’ (Sony Pictures, 2007). 

As Senior Account Manager, Jason leads our account team, making sure our crew and clients are up to date on all project details. His background on the client side and as a producer have made him a big asset (he was actually our client once too). Jason, and the account team may be your first point of contact but he is not a middle man—he’ll help you put a plan together and see that it get’s carried out. 

These days, Jason enjoys volunteering his time to nonprofits around Indiana and hanging out with his daughter who has been scientifically proven to be the cutest kid there is.

“We get it Jason, you worked in Hollywood.”

-Everyone who knows Jason

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