Jenn Mansell

Art Director

She’s got the eye of the tiger... and that of a great designer.

Jenn’s always had a knack for design. As a child, she’d sell her drawings on restaurant placemats for ten cents apiece. Today, she’s still designing, but now she’s charging a little bit more. In 2014, she received her degree in Visual Communication Design from the Herron School of Art and Design, during which time, she landed a design internship with the Indiana Pacers. 

Going into her internship, she had little interest in designing for sports teams, but she quickly became immersed in the team’s culture. She became obsessed with the athlete’s mentality—focusing on competitive drive and passion—and she applies that mentality to her daily design work. Before joining the MilesHerndon team, she was a designer for One Click, an eCommerce company in Indianapolis. Today, she spends most of her time designing well-considered web and print pieces for our clients.

When she’s not designing, she’s spending time with her husband, who she’s been together with since the 8th grade. They’re currently defending their high school crown as “cutest couple.”

“Man, Jenn, I look really good in this picture.”

-Former Indiana Pacers Forward, Paul George (Probably)