Josh Miles


Most of the best ideas began with a sketch.

Josh is a co-founder and former partner at MilesHerndon. Before selling his interest in the agency, he focused on brand strategy for clients, and occasionally would even hearken back to his earlier days and do a little bit of design work. Josh has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a colored pencil, but it wasn’t until his teen years that he realized he might be able to “do something” with his love for illustrating athletes and celebrities. It was the nuances in a detailed drawing that became the focus of his art, always striving for more and more realism. That’s because the details matter to Josh—especially how all of those details work together. And that’s the reason he’s so obsessed with design and branding. 

Josh is a former adjunct professor, past TedX presenter, and was honored as Forty Under 40 by both Indianapolis Business Journal and Delta Sigma Phi, and one of ENR Midwest’s 2015 Top 20 Under 40.

Josh Miles is self-professed caffeine addict, who enjoys taking that addiction one step further with a daily dose of bulletproof coffee.

Josh’s first book, “Bold Brand: The New Rules for Differentiating, Branding, and Marketing Your Professional Services Firm,” was published in 2012, which is part of his mission to help professional services firms to spring forward into modern marketing and branding.

Josh is an advisory board member of the Purdue University Brian Lamb School of Communication, and is involved in several start-up tech companies based in Indianapolis.

In his free time Josh enjoys cooking, traveling, reading, and playing volleyball. He also loves to hang with his wife April and their two children, Meg and Griffin. While he’s passionate about creating holistic, impactful brands, he’s most interested in being the best Dad possible.

At the end of 2017, Josh phased out of the agency to focus on his next big thing. Josh still stays in the loop on what’s happening at MilesHerndon.

“Dada, is your name Josh? Josh… stop doing that.”

-Griffin Miles (age 3)

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