Mallory Doyel

Account Executive

A friend to clients, teams and pugs everywhere. 

There are few account executives in this world as friendly and fun-loving as Mallory Doyel, which may be why she relates so well to dogs. 

It goes all the way back to high school where she was a Frankfort High Hot Dog, then to college where she played volleyball for the Butler University Bulldogs. Today she enjoys helping our playful pack deliver on excellent branding, website design, and marketing campaigns. 

And although it’s Mallory’s job to keep everyone communicating clearly, she also enjoys learning new things from our diverse client base—from engineering firms to foundations to coffee roasters.

Prior to joining MilesHerndon, Mallory spent five years working for a nonprofit arts organization, and then two years marketing a group of fifteen restaurants around Indianapolis. We think it’s her client-side experience that gives her even better insights into making the client experience great.

In her downtime, Mallory enjoys hanging out with her husband and checking out new restaurants, live music and kid-friendly activities. And of course, Mallory is crazy about her three children: Olive (the pug), Louis (the basset hound) and Rhodes (the most adorable toddler this side of the White River).

“There’s a clear delineation when her Instagram feed went from all dogs to all Rhodes. But can you blame her?”

-Joe Doyel (Mallory's Husband)