Mark Reckard


Mark builds clean, functional, and gluten-free websites for MilesHerndon’s clients. 

Born and raised in New Hampshire, and schooled on the North Shore of Boston, Mark is a New Englander at heart, relocated to Indianapolis by his lovely Hoosier wife. On top of coding, he enjoys watching baseball, traveling, and spending quality time with his two cats. 

Mark is obsessed with clean code, clean lunch dishes and being clean shaven. He brings the right amount of focus and fun to work. This cat is no humble bragger, but we can tell you that he bears the burden of being endlessly curious and excelling at math and spelling (example: PHP). These skills combined make him one of the fastest Googlers in Indiana. 

Mark is also known for providing the audio entertainment for the office, which includes human sound effects and an eclectic but well-chosen selection of music. Some of the elderly in our office wish that we could have gotten our hands on some of his mixtapes, if he was alive when there were mixtapes.

Fun fact: Did you know that Mark lived in Paris for over 7 days?

“Mark can meow along to any classic rock tune.”

-Josh Miles

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