Rachel Hunter

Senior Copywriter

Traveling and telling stories, decked out in vintage clothing… She’s a troubadour with a MacBook Pro.

Rachel has always had a semi-healthy obsession with language. The fact that you can convey one sequence of events in a hundred different ways has always fascinated her. This obsession spun itself into a love for everything from hip-hop to writing short stories, and eventually led her to a career telling other people’s stories for them.

After high school, Rachel moved to Chicago to study Marketing Communications at Columbia College. Throughout her college career, she gained both a skill and a passion for writing ad copy. After graduation, she spent a year in Manhattan working for an eCommerce company and kickstarting her freelance copywriting career.

She would later take her freelancing show on the road, jet-setting to Europe and traveling to any country that would have her. After a year of globetrotting, she returned to Chicago, where she continued to write for the past five years.

Rachel returned to the Circle City to join the MilesHerndon team and be closer to family. To Rachel, Indianapolis and MilesHerndon both present a fresh start. As our Senior Copywriter, she works with all of our clients to ensure that every headline, web CTA, and marketing communication is perfectly suited to their brand’s voice.

When she’s not writing copy for our clients, she’s usually listening to NPR, playing racquetball to trap rap, or surrounding herself with refurbished thrift store finds.

“In college, a subprime mortgage client ran a campaign of mine which, in hindsight, may have been too effective.”


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