Ryan Pickard


An intimate portrait of designer, Ryan Pickard: Zen nihilist and all around stand-up dude.

Ryan wears a lot of hats. Literally. The guy is always wearing a hat. Metaphorically, he’ll take on anything that needs doing and never ever complain about it. He can also take a joke and throw it right back at you without coming off like a jerk, so he’s cool in our book. 

Since earning his degree at University of Saint Francis, Ryan has spent 5 years in the design game. It’s moved him around the country a bit, but he always finds himself drawn back home—which is what he called Fort Wayne until we lured him away with ping pong, super chill coworkers, and a challenging creative work environment. Now he’s living the dream, footloose and fancy free in the Circle City. Alright, that was a bit hyperbolic, but it’s the kind of thing you’re supposed to say in a coworker’s bio. Hyperbole, however, is not in Ryan’s wheelhouse.  

He jokes about coming off like a nihilist, but, in actuality, he’s the kind of guy who can walk away from any situation having learned a lesson. He’s sort of zen that way. He pays attention to the details and it shows in his work, which is thoughtful with an artistic sensibility. That’s probably why we snatched him up so fast. He went from interview, to on-site freelancer, to full-time gig in a new city all over the span of a week—so the admiration was clearly mutual.

When not designing his little heart out, Ryan can be found driving to the art house movie theater across town, fine-tuning his ping-pong game, or working on a screenplay that he’ll tell you is no good (but he’s just modest like that).

“You are all wrong.”

-Werner Herzog

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