Todd Kersey

Senior Developer

Developer of beautiful websites and hand-blown glass. 

Growing up in a military family, Todd has lived in places such as Miami, Spain and Franklin, Indiana. He considers himself a “late college guy” and, after some advice from a career counselor, decided to pursue a Media Arts and Science degree at IUPUI. He was able to dabble in video, web development, 3D animation and sound recording until he figured out computer science was the way to go.

Todd’s career has taken him from a fundraising management company to a digitally focused marketing firm to an art museum’s development team. Having the opportunity to work with businesses, corporations and nonprofits, he has gained a great deal of experience developing websites and software applications to meet many types of needs.

An early adopter and proponent of Craft CMS, Todd was at the ExpressionEngine Conference where Craft was first announced and launched. He likes being able to offer solutions tailored to a client’s needs and comfort level, but feels Craft is an elegant, user-friendly option for managing websites.

In his spare time, Todd enjoys hanging out with his wife, Shannon, stepdaughter, Rebecca, and his pup Jack-a-bee, Logan. He also recently took up the fine art of glass blowing, where he bends and shapes molten glass into animals, vases and perfume bottles. Luckily for our clients, he brings the same eye for detail and craftsmanship in his websites.

“Todd is a Craft CMS-ing savant—and an all-around-nice guy.”

-Matt Sartori