Tommy Day


His life is right out of a movie.

Growing up in Seymour, Indiana, Tommy would spend his summer days writing, directing and shooting movies with his cousins, featuring action figures and random household props. He was a curious, creative kid who brings his curiosity and creativity to his work (and clients) at MilesHerndon.

Tommy cut his dev chops in the classroom and the real world, building his first website in the early 2000s with Netscape Composer. Always learning, Tommy continues to push himself and the user experience, obsessing over mobile-first design, page-load speeds and web accessibility.

A huge movie buff, Tommy created and developed a card game with his wife and two friends—Buy the Rights: The Movie Pitching Party Game. What started with a successful Kickstarter campaign is currently on its second round of production.

When he’s not coding (or gaming), Tommy enjoys traveling, playing guitar and ukulele and hanging out with his wife and two daughters.

“Ask Tommy about his Martha Stewart story, which involves his mother-in-law, a 100-year-old farm house and a rap video.”

-Brice Holland